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Do you want to pursue your creativity but are unsure where to start? Do you want to take your side project to the next level and attract clients? If so, then the Perspective Podcast is for you. Scotty Russell of Perspective-Collective wants to encourage you to scratch that creative itch as you don't know who you could impact when you share your work. Each week he dishes out short, fiery episodes to give you an extra push to make time to pursue something that's important to you. There will be adversity along the way, but these episodes are designed to keep moving your creative career forward. Keep showing up, keep putting in the work and keep got this!
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Nov 25, 2016

Notify the Universe and Show the Work You Want to Get

I can remember way back during the bowl cut and JNCO days as a kid and how lit Friday nights were. I’d lounge on the couch watching TGIF and have a whole frozen pizza to myself.

Ya, those were the good days. It sparked my obsession with pizza because I grew up picky with a small desire to try other foods.

Don’t get me wrong, a frozen pizza is still a delight, but I’ve graduated to delivery and I’m not talking Digiorno.

I’ve been doing little pizza doodles forever yet I never really started sharing them till the past few years. I’m learning to embrace this little quirk of mine because:

  1. it reminds me that I don’t always have to take myself so seriously
  2. it reminds me to have fun and constantly experiment

While the context behind this seems random, I assure you there is a point to this all.

I recently came across this sweet Dominoes Pizza box design. The craft and attention to detail blew my mind. You would’ve thought this $10 Large 3 Topping Take Out only pizza would’ve cost like $40!

It’s crazy the subjective value art can bring to something and I want the opportunity to do this.

Seeing this pizza box inspired me to create this type of subjective value for a brand.

This is where I’m getting to my point.

How would anyone know to hire me for a custom pizza box design if I don’t show this in my artwork?

I’m a huge advocate for showing the work you want to attract and be known for. I put my money where my mouth is and went on Amazon and purchased 50 pizza boxes to get to work (I’d like to thank Terence Tang of Tinlun Studio for the idea).

This episode is me shouting to the universe what kind of work I want to attract. It may not happen immediately, but if I continue to show how much fun I have in creating clever pizza art, I have no doubt over time it will be seen by the right person who will give me that chance.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even get paid in free pizza for life?

Without further ado, here are 11 life lessons learned from loving pizza.

Fair warning, these can get pretty cheesy. Pun intended.

1. You can’t make everyone happy, you are not pizza

Stop focusing on seeking everyone’s validation. It’s impossible to please everyone and have everyone like your work.

Put out work you’re enthusiastic about and the right people will resonate.

2. Pizza always has my back
Life is full of highs and lows. During the lows, it’s important that you have people around you who have your back.

Surround yourself with people of high character and who aren’t assholes. It doesn’t have to be pizza.

3. Don’t step on my pizza
Everything holds something of value to someone. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you can’t accept them and what they like.

And for the love of everything good in life, don’t disrespect someone and step on their pizza.

4. Slice life
It’s hard to believe that life isn’t all about pizza, but I’m a strong believer in having something you’re passionate and driven about in life.

What purpose are you fulfilling?

Where can you bring value to yours and someone else's life?

5. Pizza on my mind all the time
I don’t know about you but when I have a good idea or riding a lot of momentum in life, I have a hard time turning my mind off.

When you have that one thing you can’t stop thinking about, I feel it’s your intuition giving you an internal pull in the direction you’re supposed to go.

Trust your gut, even if you ate too much pizza.

6. I will draw for pizza

I desperately want you to understand that it’s possible to generate an income doing what you enjoy the most.

For me, this is drawing and I never in a million years would’ve thought it was possible to make a living off it.

It’s possible and you are capable and I’m determined to show you.

7. Little slice of heaven
Plain and simple—enjoy the little things in life.

Whether you found a dollar bill on the ground or have a delightful frozen Jacks pizza all to yourself—showing gratitude for the little things in life makes life a lot more enjoyable.

8. Pizza is life
Life is all about you, yet it’s not all about you.

First off, I believe you can only help others if you take care of yourself first.

Secondly, I believe we exist to serve others and make a difference.

Cultivate your talents and put them towards a significant need in the world. The more 'good' you do for others the more 'good' comes to you.

It’s called Karma.

9. Pizza lovers unite
After experiencing being in the middle of a flood back in September, I was blown away to see how the community rallied and bonded together.

We weren’t born to build barriers and divide due to religion, political views or race. Underlying all of that crap is timeless principles and the ability to love one another.

We are all team human in the end.

10. You wanna pizza me?
I grew up biting my tongue when I felt I had something important to speak out about. It spawned from my desire to please everyone and to avoid confrontation.

The person I am striving to become realizes at times you have to speak out and fight for what you believe in—no matter if it creates uncomfortable situations.

At least at the end of the day, you can sleep knowing that you spoke what was on your mind.

11. I hate when people steal my pizza
I’ve stolen things in the past and I feel like a dick for doing it.

I’ve lost respect for myself even if it was over petty things like taking someone else’s Bud Light out of their cooler during a tailgate party.

These things still haunt me and I’ve spent years trying to redeem myself for it.

Everything in life must be earned and it’s a crude act taking something that isn’t yours that you didn’t invest precious time in your life to deserve.

Show the Work You Want to Get

What is it that you urge to do but think it’s impossible?

If you’re a skater and want to make art for a big time skating brand, you should be blowing up your social feed with amazing skate deck art and tagging / using every hashtag with every brand.

The universe can’t deliver you the job of your dreams if you’re not actively showing it that you’re wanting it.

Your dream isn’t going to be delivered to your front door like a hot, piping pizza. You have to put in the work and show the work you want to get.

Who knows what will come out of this episode or all these pizza drawings? At least I’m being intentional and having a blast doing something I love and that I feel I’m good at.

Showing the work you want combined with the following 11 life lessons is sure to get you to a point where you will be fulfilled by doing great work for great people…….and filled with a full stomach.

It will never happen by wishing and not doing.

Key Takeaways

  • Art can bring massive amounts of subjective value to something
  • Show the kind of work you want to get and attract.
  • Be enthusiastic about the work you’re putting out.
  • Let the universe know that this is the type of work you’re wanting back in return.
  • No one is going to know you are passionate about doing this type of work if you don’t let it be known.
  • Cultivate your talents and put them towards a significant need in the world. The more 'good' you do for others the more 'good' comes to you.
Nov 13, 2016

This episode of the Perspective Podcast is about overcoming the divide that the latest Presidential Election has caused. The election of Trump has seemingly compelled people to lash out and treat people like shit due to their differences.

On the other hand, the losing party has lashed out and acted childish as well. It's truly one side against the other and has made the US a breeding ground for teaching and raising the youth up in hate.

I believe it's our human duty to get over our differences and look past the barriers of culture, race, religion, opinions, etc. We have to start playing our roles of putting something positive back into the world to show people there is hope for the human race.

I don't care if we don't see eye to eye or if I agreement with everything you stand for, but at the end of the day you and I are human and I can accept you.

Be kind and don't be a dick. We have enough of them already.

Nov 9, 2016

Have you heard of Inktober? It’s an awesome drawing challenge created by the talented Jake Parker that requires consistency and commitment.

Throughout the month of October, artists across the globe are challenged to create a daily drawing.

That’s 31 drawings if you aren’t sure how many days are in October. :)

After being heavily involved in the business side of Perspective-Collective for the past two months, I was eager for a drawing challenge. I’m actually surprised I’ve never jumped at a commitment like this before because I’m infamous for piling projects on my plate.

The challenge has recently ended and it solidified that I’m a freakin’ pro at committing to being consistent…… things that aren’t always best to focus on at a given moment in time.

You see, consistency and commitment are great. There are huge benefits to developing these disciplines which I will cover in a bit. On the other hand, there are also consequences when you’re not focused on the right thing at the right time.

I want to show you both ends of the spectrum in hopes you will focus on consistency and commitment in the right areas of your creative career.

The Benefits of Consistency and Commitment

I credit much of any success I’ve had with Perspective-Collective to consistency and commitment.

Both have provided me:

  • confidence and growth in my art, writing and speaking
  • a steadily growing audience
  • great freelance opportunities
  • a recent successful product launch over at
  • a constant stream of new knowledge
  • great interviews with well-known blogs and podcasts
  • etc.

I’ve learned that focusing on the right thing at the right time leads to greater rewards and growth. This was the case with a consistent commitment to drawing, blogging, and now podcasting.

The results, routine and discipline you develop far outweigh the initial pain points of getting started.

There’s no question I put the right focus in these areas, but there are other areas I focus on that hold me back from the overall vision.

That’s where you run into problems.


The Inktober Mistake

Back to Inktober—while it was fun, looking back on it now I see it wasn’t the best decision.

Here’s why….

My goal is to make Perspective-Collective a self-sufficient, full-time gig within the next 5 years so myself and my wife can work from home. The problem is that I’ve accrued a shit ton of student loan debt from attending a private college.

Let’s be real, I have over $65,000 of student loan debt I’m being suffocated by—not to mention a mortgage and a car loan.

When you look past the follower count and the life I portray through social media, you can see this life I'm living isn't so glamorous.

I would trade many of you in a heartbeat in order to have the financial freedom and the daily stress off my back.

I’m not making enough at the day job to pay off debt and save at the same time, but I'm determined and will achieve this goal. However, the only way I’m able to this is by pursuing projects that will allow me to knock out this debt quicker.

This means I’ve had to start freelancing again—which has actually been fun and I've worked with some awesome clients. I've also begun building digitally based products like my recent Weekly Content Checklist.While posters, t-shirts and patches are nice to haves, there is too much overhead and time that goes into them that I don't have.

On top of my current freelance and products, I’ve been managing my weekly blog, newsletter, podcast and a featured custom image to go with them all. While these may not be making me money, they are pivotal to where I see my business going.

This isn’t a boast saying I can manage a commitment like Inktober with my current project load—this is me publicly telling you that I’m a fucking lunatic.

Cramming more activities to my already over-scheduled life did more damage than I expected.

  • I stressed myself out repeatedly.
  • I missed opportunities to spend quality time with my wife. (no devices and no drawing)
  • I missed opportunities to hang with my family and friends.
  • My split focus hindered me from having the best product launch possible.
  • My content became diluted in blogs and podcasts.
  • I lost sleep
  • I killed my normal routine
  • I missed days at the gym

Honestly, the only positives were the fact that I had fun developing a new style in my daily experiments. I guess this new refreshing perspective is a plus too.

When Consistency and Commitment Hold You Back

When I commit to something I’m all in. There’s no turning back as I pride myself in following through in everything I say I'll do.

This pride can produce negative consequences as I mentioned before.

When you’re head is down grinding away in the wrong direction, you’re not looking up towards your vision.

[ctt link="9hd0D" template="2"]When you’re head is down grinding away in the wrong direction, you’re not looking up towards your vision.[/ctt]

You lose sight of the trophy and miss the mark on what's in front of you.

For me, I was so wrapped up in my commitment to Inktober that I wasn’t all-in with the one thing that mattered most—drawing my way out of debt to reach my dream.

Inktober didn’t help me speed up the process of paying off debt—it took my focus away from the things that would get me there.

By consistently committing to things that don’t align to the vision, you're splitting focus and spreading yourself too thin.

This reflection has made me recall the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown. Instead of multiple priorities, focus on the highest priority that will get you to where you want to be in life.

This is what matters most.

What Are You Focusing On?

Maybe you think I'm being too hard on myself and that I'm a fun hater.

Believe me, if you know me you know I like to have a good time. However, I’m in a season of my life where I know what I want and I’m determined to figure out how to get there.

This means I need to crack down harder on shiny object syndrome—which is being distracted by the latest and most fun thing around.

I can't promise that I won’t slip up from time to time, but not on a 31-day binge commitment like Inktober.

This isn’t about being perfect, this is about proving to myself how serious I am about my goals.

My intentions aren’t to get pity from you. I want this self-inflicted stressful month of October to serve as a reminder for you to be wiser than me.

Stop feeling like you have to be above average at everything. You don’t and it’s okay to say no to adding something to your plate.

Be the person who thrives in one or two things that will get you to your creative goals quicker. Not the person making minimal progress in a million directions.

Focus on the essential and then become a consistent and committed freak of nature.

Key Takeaways

  • Focusing on the right things at the right time lead to greater rewards
  • The results, routine and discipline you develop far outweigh the initial pain points of getting started.
  • By consistently committing to things that don’t align to the vision, you're splitting focus and spreading yourself too thin.
  • When you’re head is down slaving away in the wrong direction, you’re not looking up towards your vision.
  • Instead of multiple priorities, focus on the highest priority that will get you to where you want to be in life.
  • Avoid the distraction of shiny object syndrome
Nov 2, 2016

In this episode of the Perspective Podcast, Scotty discusses his current top 3 podcasts that will help you elevate your creative brand.

Audio is one of the best formats for learning something new every day on the go. You can consume them while your working, showering, doing yard work or even just relaxing. If you don't have time for books then podcasts are for you.

The 3 top podcast Scotty recommends are:

  1. The Creative Pep Talk Podcast with Andy J. Miller

    This podcast is for creatives who are pursuing a career in freelance while making great art for a living. However, it's more than that in my opinion and I believe it focuses on creative personal / professional development.

    his quirky sense of humor and laid-back approach really elevates his honest advice on building your creative career. He has this magical way of blending metaphors and storytelling to paint a vivid picture that inspires action.

    His “not taking himself so seriously” approach really helps me articulate my own thoughts and to not be so serious myself all the time.

  2. The #AskGaryVee Show with Gary Vaynerchuk
    The reason I find the show so valuable for creatives is because he gives you a real-time pulse of what’s going on in the world with social media and business marketing.

    We live in a digital age and getting the inside scoop of what’s working, what isn’t and what’s coming in the future is a sure fire way to keep you ahead of the creative curve.

    He’s got some killer books / audiobooks too that I suggest checking out.

    - Crush It
    - Thank You Economy
    - Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook
    - The #AskGaryVee Book

  3. Building a StoryBrand Podcast with Donald Miller
    This podcast is focused on clarifying and projecting your message in a noisy world.

    Knowing your message with help you:

    - gain more traffic
    - convert more leads
    - make more sales for your growing brand

    Each week, Donald Miller interviews some of the top influencers across the world. You get an inside look into how these people became successful as they share practical tips you can apply immediately.

If you want a list of all my recommended podcasts and audio books, check out my resources page: